Immigrants Strengthen the Economy

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Immigrants strengthen the economy Undocumented immigrants not only help the economic growth of the United States but it also fulfills the needs of these individual financially as well as their families back in their countries. The tremendous amount of immigrant that arrive to the United States see the country as the land of opportunities for there families. Many of these families that migrate to the United States come from third world countries like Central America in which there is no type of progression or innovation because of the poverty, crime, lack of education and opportunities. Once arriving to the United States many immigrants are in search of jobs to support themselves and their families back home. They also come in pursue of giving a better educational opportunities to their young children. Also immigrants are more likely to create jobs and pay taxes when they live in the United States which helps the economy grow stronger. Although there are many negative conceptions about immigrants these individuals should have the opportunity to migrate to the United States for a better life. Many of the immigrants that migrate were left with no other option but to enter illegally through the border because in there countries they suffered from poverty, crime, the lack of education and opportunities. In the article “Rethinking El Salvador’s transnational families” by Leisy J. Abrego writes about a young boy named Daniel and his struggles living in El Salvador while his father is in the United States looking for work. Abrego claims that “Unable to make enough money to eat three meals a day, Daniel, the once promising student, opts to go to school hungry on most days. Although he tries to focus on the subjects that once impassioned him, he has a difficult time earning good grades because he is so anxious about his family’s economic situation”(30).

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