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Ducor Chemical Essay

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1. How do we create a partnership between the project manager and line managers when project manager focuses only on the best interest of his/her project and the line manager is expected to make impartial company decisions?
A Project Manager manages the work taken up by a single project whereas the Line Manager will be managing the work taken up by a line of projects. Usually projects in organizations are aligned based on the line of business, catered to, by the project. Hence, they will have a Line Manager who manages all those projects. The Line manager will interact/liaise with the Project Managers who manage the projects that fall in his line.
The relationship between project managers and line managers is that the project managers divide the work among the line managers and the line manager’s report to the project managers. In the case of Ducor Chemicals, the managers needed to trust one another. One manager was busy worried about an employee who they felt was not right for the project. The line manager insisted on trusting him to keep the volatile employee on a short leash which at the end didn’t happen. The textbook states that “a vision involves the less tangible aspects of project performance. It refers to an image a project team holds in common about how the project will look upon completion, how they will work together, and/or how customers will accept the project.” Ducor Chemicals failed to deliver on any of those which lead to the customer reconsidering the project because of the outburst. Trust and continuity is essential between team members in order for everything to fall in line with a successful project.

2. Who should have more of a say during negotiations for resources: the project manager or the line manager?
Project managers and line managers should have a 50/50 split when resources come in to play which is sort of like a balanced matrix. The project manager for Ducor chemical did not want to work with a particular person especially for a...

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