Drill Team Experience

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Joining drill team my freshman year was an experience that helped call to mind memories of the past. Freshman year was the first time ever in my life I believed the excitement and pride of accomplishing something because little did I know what I was doing when I was younger. After that I thought I could put myself out there and accomplish more. It was the start of something different and little did I know it would shape my high school years around it. Drill team gave me the knowledge that grades in high school do play an important role in life and I knew that if I put enough heart into it I would succeed. My coaches made an impact on me because they differentiated me from other and made me realize that I made a huge difference to the team. They gave me the opportunity to showcase what I had, which made me sense I was notable and helped to raise my confidence. I have never been able to adjust to situations as well as others but the confidence I gained from drill team experiences helped to change that. My confidence plays a big role in the person I am today. Freshman year was based on hard work and trying new things. This taught me to be in control. The work was not going to get done for me so to succeed I was the one who had to push myself and take over. Being a part of drill team has helped me with control by helping others in learning routines or chants with taking charge when others do not. I learned that although I am young, I am in control of my own progress, and I am the one who can change situations for better or for worse. The biggest impact my drill team experience has given me, is determination to push myself to achieve. Without the heart or skill to do something there is no progression. This experience describes the dedication I have to go to college because it showed me I am capable of handling the challenges it may offer. The work will get harder but I

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