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The Spirit in Work Thank you Josh And Alexandra for a really great presentation, you set the bar high. Jack Hawley's book, The Spirit in Work, came at a great time to reflect and bring to life his ideals. The start up of school has really made it clear who is leading with love and who is leading with fear. Reflecting on my own past style of leadership in the classroom, I would say I was a mixture of both. My fear that student's wouldn't take me seriously lead me to make choices that were far from loving. The result of those poor decisions with students meant that as they walked into my classroom this year, I was fearful. I decided to take Hawley's advice and use my head, heart, and spirit to fix this fast. Needless to say when I read…show more content…
It spoke to me as a teacher. So often we have rules and policies imposed on us by administration, or even other teachers; departments, and senior teacher of the ways that they have always done things. I have felt as a younger teacher and a female, amongst male teachers, that I was too scared to challenge the ideas or be rejected of my new ideas. Your piece really gave me the confidence to be ok to stand up for what I believe in and it reassured me that I will always win when I follow my own ethics, even if I just do it silently, without protest. This holds lesson too for teachers. It reminds us to think about why we are upholding the rules that we do; it is because that is just the way it is, or is it because we truly believe that to be the best? I was recently chastised by another teacher for what they saw as disregard for student lates. I have 3 girls who chose to go for a smoke between our very short bell. I have taught these girls before and it is a battle no one wins with them. I initially took a hard stance on the lates and was not going to tolerate it, but I soon realized it wasn't a battle I was willing to fight, but I could not just ignore it. I talked to the three and asked them how we could both make this work. They decided the amount of time after class that they were late. The end result is that all three girls rarely come late anymore because they would rather…show more content…
It is getting increasingly worse, and even though I no longer even live near my parents, I am still emotionally attached to all that goes on. Just recently I decided that I needed to have a "loving" conversation with my mother and try to get her help. I went into that conversation promising myself I was going to be love, but I failed miserably. The conversation ended worse than it ever had and I swore to myself that I was washing my hands of this once and for all, and had convinced myself of this until last

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