Positive Classroom Climate

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At the start of this module the topic I found of most interest and relevant to teaching was building a positive classroom climate. I feel that if a student and teacher can work in a positive classroom climate all the other elements of teaching will fall into place .In order for a positive learning climate to occur the teacher must be the role model in the classroom. Unfortunately building a positive classroom climate cannot be achieved by one teacher alone, a whole school approach is needed and it must be implemented in each classroom by each teacher within the school. If this approach is only implemented by one teacher students will get confused which will thus lead to disruptions within the school. A classroom’s…show more content…
homework to be given each night , assessments in each lesson verbal and written. At the start of each lesson I illustrate the learning outcomes according to (kern and Clemens ,2007 ) students tend to not misbehave if they know what is going to happen. Pupils are set clear objectives and outcomes at the beginning of each lesson, so as they are aware of what they are expected to complete. I also refer to the outcomes at the end of each lesson to ensure pupils have a full understanding and clear knowledge of the task they have just completed. I encourage pupils to ask questions if they do not understand and find feedback sessions as a plenary a very useful exercise for pupils to reflect on their own work . I make sure each activity is timed and sequenced; therefore, there is little idle time, where students are enabled time to chat According to (Pedota ,2007 ) Plan for a variety of instructional experiences and keep students actively involved. Each week I make sure I have at least two activities which allow the students to work with their peers in groups. I think that group work allows each student to develop a range of skills and work with different students. During group work with a second year group that I teach there are five students whom are more outspoken than the other students in the classroom ,during their first group…show more content…
I believe that a healthy teacher student relationship relies on respect , guidance and authority. The quantity of each component is held in a fine balance. If a teacher puts too much pressure on authority this gives the students the impression that the classroom Is a dictatorship which will result in loss of both respect and the guidance role a teacher has which will result in a negative classroom climate . In the first weeks of teaching through questioning students to assess their learning I found the same students were raising their hands each day I found this was unfair to the rest of the class so I then introduced what is known as the “name generator” this generator then chooses students at random to answer questions I found this a success . When using the name generator in one class there was a student who, rarely contributed to the group then one day her name was chosen on the name generator this student then took me by surprise and answered the question correctly by using the name generator it has allowed me to get a better understanding of each students capabilities without favouring one student over

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