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President Barak Obama Government Period 3 President Barak Obama spoke to students and gave an important message. A few messages in which I did agree on and a few that I disagreed on. His speech had very strong actions, and I liked to hear a different point of view than my own. Barak is a very strong leader for this country and I am looking forward to see how this school year goes as a senior. By being educated, having expectations and being responsible, I can grow as an individual to become a better person. Education is one of the main parts of President Obama’s speech. For example, you can become anything you want if you try and work at it. You need support from your family, friends and some teachers. Their support will encourage me to keep reaching my goals. All in all, education is a major part of our lives and I some-what agree with and also I disagree.…show more content…
For instance, by setting my expectations high, it will be easier to reach my goals that I have set for myself. Like succeeding in class as a senior at Boone Central, and being a successful athlete. To help me reach my goals I will study and work hard on the court, to maintain the responsibility of becoming an adult. In the end, expectations are a responsibility that I agree strongly on, because if you don’t expect to be successful, you more than likely will not be. Responsibilities are one of the other main parts of Barak’s speech. To illustrate, my responsibility to myself is to explore all educational possibilities to make myself better and my country better. With this responsibility I can make this country a better place to live by completing my goals and completing my education. I will commit to a goal and I will keep to that goal, to be responsible in school, and be more responsible to my teammates. Finally, responsibilities have a huge impact on everything I do in my daily

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