Do We Worry Too Much About the Welfare of Animals?

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Do we worry too much about the welfare of animals? Although I personally believe that we do not worry enough about the welfare of animals, I must debate and explore both sides of the argument in order to make a fair judgement. We are constantly surrounded by endless animal cruelty statistics, animal charity and sanctuary commercials and shocking images of how global warming is taking its toll upon the welfare of wild animals in the affected regions. However, we are equally kept informed about the struggles people, our species, endure on a daily basis in the third world countries, whether affected by natural disasters or famine. Some may use this to claim that we worry too much about the welfare of animals, when in reality we should be focusing on the more important matters such as charities which help to support those suffering from injustice, war, and are in need of food and simple supplies in order to survive. The Donkey Sanctuary is an example of a charity which raises money to help injured and neglected donkeys around the world. They are equally important as any other animal on the planet, however, they are not on the verge of extinction, and apart from the work which they have been bred to do for their owners, these animals don’t contribute majorly to society. Whilst a portion of the money raised for this specific organisation goes to help these animals, there are children in countries such as Africa, dying from hunger and diseases which could be cured by simple medication, which the people there frankly cannot afford. These children could have been our future; however there are those who choose to support charities such as ‘donkey sanctuary’ rather than charities which directly deliver the aid and education needed and prevent an early end to a child’s life, a human, again as I emphasised earlier, our own species. One way of looking at this example is

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