Supporting the Homeless Rights

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First, there are questions that people needed to think about. Are homeless people seeing the world different from others? If so or not, why? What are the similarities and differences homeless people have those others have? Why should people support and care about the homeless? How can people help the homeless? People should think about these questions and realized that everyone deserves the same treatments and supports as others do such as the rich people. The homeless needed to be treated equally and not because they are suffering by living in the cold and most of the time without food meaning that they are hopeless and useless people in life. The homeless need helps and supports in order to deal with their problems. The homeless know how to take care of themselves as same as everyone but because of lacking supports and help such as money and a home from the government, they are unable to deal with their problems. One of many ways, the homeless people can feel better and safe is by getting help and support from their problems and show them things, for instance, getting a job. According to the article “No More Homeless In America: It Can Be Done, Here Is How”? the author agrees that “[People] can end homelessness by providing those who are without home with a home meaning a real home not a shelter. [People] provide the homeless with a home that offers them solutions to the [countless] of issues that all homeless individuals must cope with” ( The homeless need to feel safe in the environment individually as everyone. The first priority to help the homeless people is to provide them a real home to feel comfortable in and not in a place that is crowded with other people. The author also mentions that “[People can transform] military bases [that are disarmed] into communities where the homeless people can begin to [cuddle] being part of

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