Epidemic Of Homelessness

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How to Fix the Epidemic of the Homeless There is an epidemic of social and moral values in the United States. One that goes unnoticed mostly until it affects someone close to us or directly impacts us when we least expect it. There are many causes to this epidemic, there is no one root cause, which makes this difficult to address and fight. What I am referring to is the plight of those that are homeless. To be homeless is difficult to measure because so many different people have different opinions on what it means to be homeless. To overcome homelessness we must tackle the root causes, of course provide them a stable living environment, but also have systems in place to treat why people are homeless be it medical, employment, disaster. We…show more content…
Then there is the dreaded financial aspect, this in no way will be cheap to fund, but we have to look at what it is costing us in resources today, homelessness is costing the federal government thus the tax payers of the United States “this fiscal year, the federal government will spend $5 billion on programs for the homeless. Next year, that figure is likely to grow to nearly $5.7 billion.” (Jervis) That is a lot of money, maybe a small overall portion of the budget, but regardless it is not…show more content…
The issue here is how to get the homeless people in-touch with those that can help them the most, this tends to lend itself to another drawback. The current system of social services in the United States is designed for people to come to them or make a phone call, ultimately those that may need it the most, the homeless traditionally will not have access to a phone or the bus to be able to get to a government entity. A plan will need to be devised as we move along with going directly out into the streets to ask the homeless directly if they need help and services, and to explain what may be available to them to help. Another possible solution is to set up kiosks in the most well-known homeless areas, this will alleviate some financial burden of trying to go person to person, and still try to be able to reach as many people as possible about helpful programs that are available to

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