To Be Great Is to Be Misunderstood Essay

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The Box Man The Box Man by Barbra Lazear Ascher is a story told from an observers perspective on a homeless man’s unique way of overcoming his solitude. Throughout the essay Ascher uses many rhetorical devices to uphold the main argument in her essay. She begins by describing The Box Man as “grandmotherly “to convince the reader that homeless people can too live a dignified life and is humanizing The Box Man. She then describes The Box Man as “dignified” and at “ease” which shows that he has chosen the path of solitude and has defeated it by becoming his own best friend. Acsher purpose, speaker, and intended audience isn’t evident until the end of the essay. Her main reason and purpose or writing the essay seems to be first that a way of defeating loneliness is to become your own best friend, and second to explain that even a homeless man can have dignity and can achieve self satisfaction . She depicts this when she describes him standing “unselfconsciously” tossing boxes aside. This shows he that even a homeless man is too good for a box demonstrating dignity. She then references Boxcar Child to endorse The Box man’s life and how he’s defeated his loneliness, and lives a more free and liberated life than the average person. Her intended audience is mainly lonely middle aged women. She speaks using the word us referring to middle aged women, Ascher also uses famous women from literature. “ The shores are littered with us, Ann’s and Ophelias, Emmas and Juliets. The Box Man is a narrator describing the Box Man’s journey throughout most of the story. By establishing that the speaker is a narrator Ascher is able to tell the story with a degree of bias in order to support her purpose for the piece and theme for the piece. Acsher’s subject, tone, and occasion are also hidden within the piece. Throughout the story Acsher’s tone seems to be
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