Opinion Paper on Animal Testing

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Animal testing Animal testing is a very controversial topic that is widely debated. Like any topic there are positives and negatives to animal testing. Reasons against animal testing that stand out to me are that animals could be tortured and will suffer, animals can die in the process of testing, and animals don’t have a voice to stand up for themselves. Reasons for animal testing include medical advancement, product safety, and scientific knowledge. With these facts in mind I think the positives outweigh the negatives and humans should use animal testing to conduct research. I think the biggest reason for animal testing is for medical purposes. Mice are the most commonly animal tested animal and share 95 percent of its DNA with humans. With that being said if scientists do testing on 100 mice and they all die in the process but it saves just 1 person’s life it is worth it. Killing or injuring an animal is never a good thing, but if it can be used to save a human it is worth it. Since 1975 when scientist started using animals for cancer research testing life expectancy has gone up 10.7 percent. Over 12 million people have cancer in the United States, so more then a million people have lived longer because of various tests. That is an incredible stat and because of that alone scientists should continue animal testing. Another reason to continue animal testing is that it leads to better product safety. Animals can be used to test to make sure there is not toxic material in the product. The products need to be tested in some way before hitting stores and at this point animal testing is the most cost efficient and safe way. Even just a couple of decades ago there have been problems with cosmetics that have led to blindness and other diseases. All of that would have been caught and never been sold if animals were used to test the product. To ensure safety
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