Persuasive Essay On Animal Rights

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Animal rights is a widely debated subject. Should we eat animals? Should we be allowed to kill them for game? What about the people who brutally beat animals? Should they be allowed to do that because they are human? Many organizations, such as PETA, will help protect animal rights. Others can be strictly against them. Lawmakers have even tried to discuss animal rights and are trying to pass certain laws, but where do we draw the line in deciding animal rights? Do we even have a right to decide their rights? Many animals all around the world are abused daily. They are starved, beaten, and just overall neglected. Animals are believed to have certain rights in today's society. Animals should be able to live beautiful, happy lives and not live in fear. Sadly, not all animals have good living conditions. Organizations, like PETA…show more content…
These laws regulate animal treatment. The article suggest that animal welfare laws should not be determined by animal rights. Animal rights is described as the way an animal should be treated but the Animal Welfare Laws are the way animals have to be treated. Shouldn't they be the same thing though? Where do you draw the line between what is right and what has to be followed by the law? Animal rights should have to be legally abided by. Another article called Balanced view of animal rights necessary, says that animals deserve to have certain rights. The article however, says that humans are not the only thing that harm animals. Nature is also a common cause of animal cruelty. Some examples could be weather conditions or predator habits. This article suggest overall that while considering animal rights, we should consider natures harm to them. Should we consider nature or write it off as natural selection? Maybe it is okay for natural selection but it definitely isn't okay for people to try and determine
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