Diploma Level3 301 Essay

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UNIT 301 ASSIGNMENT Unit 301- Promote communication in health , social care or children's and young people's settings. Outcome 1: 1.1 People communicate differently because each individual have their own needs and wishes. Communication is more than just talking, it is about how people respond to each other in different ways for example; touch facial expression body movement/language dress sign language gestures eye contact There is also written communication for example; the telephone electronic messages hand written(on white boards, paper etc) diagrams pictural keyboards There are many ways of communicating the two main ways are verbal communication and non verbal communication. In my work place there are many people i can contact if we need input on a service user for communication needs. We can contact the speech and language therapists if we need guidance on a change in a service user ie not eating oe swallowing well or just because they are struggling to talk. If the was a language barrier i could ask for an interpreter. I could just ask family for their input as they may know more about the service user or know how to communicate with them so we can learn from there ways. Each service user will have theie own care plan and their own PCP this will give us details of the service user, staff can add to this if there is a change or something that they know which others may not know. When you get to know your resdient you will know their communication needs. It is important that you check all previous notes and history on the resident so you know there background as this could affect their communication. The most important person to talk to regarding someones communication needs is the service user them self. Each individual is different it is important that you assess each individual differently to

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