Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings. Essay

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1.1 – People need to communicate for different reasons some of these things can be so they can ask for things, so they can tell somebody something for example how they are feeling, if there are things on their mind they can express what they are feeling. They will also need to communicate so they can sit and have a conversation with staff and fellow peers so they can make friends and share things with staff. 1.2 Communication can affect people in different ways, a person in the adult care system might find it difficult to express their feelings or thoughts and that may mean they will stay silent and communicate using pictures or word cards. Some people in the adult care system might not be able to read or write so they might hold back on talking to people or writing down things, some people might have also been through a very traumatic incident in their life and now they might find it very difficult to verbally communicate. 2.1 To find out the language needs and to find out how to communicate with people in your care you can find out by asking them, ask the key people, ask colleagues, read their files or you could get the relevant information from past homes or hospitals. 2.2 Some of the factors you may need to consider when trying to communicate with others could be their age, if you are trying to communicate with a child it might be easier to kneel down to their level and keep eye contact. Always be aware of your body language someone in the care system might find it difficult to communicate with people so always make sure that your body language is easy to read always assess their body language as well so that you can gauge their emotions and respond appropriately. I think it is important to make the young person aware that you are listening to what they are saying and that your concentration is fully on them and the issue at hand, a scared child could find
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