Difference in Greeks and Persians

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AP World Essay There are many similarities and differences between the Ancient Greeks and the Persian Empire. Although the Ancient Greeks and the Persian Empires had the geographical locations similar, the different political system such as the one king vs. the city states and, the different social customs and beliefs of Zoroastrianism and the Greek culture prove the Persian Empire was more different and less similar than the Ancient Greeks. The similarities of the geographical locations of these two empires are many. They both were connected to water giving them an abundance of the fishing industry. The water also gave both empires access to trading with each other but the Persians had the Royal Road, a 1700 mile long trade route across the empire. The geographical location of both these empires eventually led them to their downfall as the Greeks were in the mountains and the Persians at the east of them. Although the Greeks were in a worse geographical location than the Persians, both of them were able to prosper. The differences of the political systems of these two empires are astonishing. The Greeks were a collection of around 1,500 city states as the Persians were under the rule of one king. These city states were always ruled by richest citizens or monarchies, henceforth called tyrants for the way of coming to power. The only thing these cities had in common was that they followed the same religion and spoke the same language. The Persians were ruled under one king but the satraps ruled the empire’s 23 provinces. And to prevent treason, the King created a system of imperial spies which were his “eyes and ears”. As the Greeks were never politically stable, the Persians were very particular on how they were ruled. The social customs of these two empires are dramatically different. The Persians, who followed Zoroastrianism, believed in one god, Ahura Mazda.
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