Han Vs Rome

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Essay Test on Empires. Han China and Imperial Rome were two of the greatest empires during the classical periods. They shared similarities but were also different in many ways. These similarities and differences significant ways the two empires are strong. Han China and Imperial Rome had different cultures and ways on how to run their country which made them advanced and powerful. The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty were similar in many ways. Imperial Rome and Han China had highly centralized governments that made them powerful. Only wealthy men could participate in political affairs and they had more power. Han China and Imperial Rome were more advanced than any other empire because they built roads that helped the trade, and become more successful. Another similarity these classical empires shared is that they both controlled a large portion of the world because they were the most advanced. Lastly, women in Han China and Imperial Rome had no power. They weren’t allowed to make political decisions because they had no power and they were supposed to stay home and do household chores. Although the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar, they also had differences. The interactions with other empires were different. Imperial Rome interacted with more empires because it was located near bodies of water which facilitated trade with North Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Another difference between is their government structure. The Roman Republic was republic and only wealthy men could be emperors while Han China was a dynasty were the son of the previous king would take the throne. The social orders of these Classical Empires were different. In the Roman Empire, once a slave was free they could become wealthy merchants. Lastly, another difference is the way each classical empire treated slaves. In Rome, slaves had no right or freedom and in the Han Dynasty
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