Athens Vs Sparta Compare And Contrast

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Athens vs. Sparta There were many differences between Athens and Sparta. Both city-states started off similarly but, when they both began not to have enough food they took different roads. Sparta developed into a city-state that was narrowly focused on military. Athens became a In Sparta, all aspects of life focused on the military. Everything they did trained the citizens to be perfect soldiers. When babies were born, they were examined by doctors. If the doctors found the baby to not be physically fit the baby would be left outside to die. At age 7, boys were taken to live in the barracks. There they would undergo training that would help them become the perfect soldier. Boys would be fed a little food so they would be able to fight…show more content…
They also believed in philosophy and in Athens there were some of the greatest philosophers. There were many people in Athens that studied philosophy. Philosophy is the study of methods and limits of human knowledge. Some famous philosphers included Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Athens was a direct democracy and many of these ways are still used today. A direct democracy meant that the citizens could vote on the issues directly and that the citizens hold the power. The citizens consisted of any man born in Athens. The non-citizens were women, foreign-born males, and slaves. All of the citizens could belong to the Assembly, and they voted by lottery because they thought election favored the rich, and they wanted it to be equal. They also had a system called the ostracism, in which the citizens would write the name of an undesirable politician and if they person's name appeared more than 6,000 times, he could be removed. The conflicts Athens and Sparta caused many important events in World History. Their lack of unity as a region hurt, but also at the same time helped both city-states and the region. Even though the city-states had many differences eventually they united as and are still united

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