Spartan Army Strengths

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They say that the Spartans had the best army in Greece; their bravery was legendary but actually just how good was the Spartan army? For the young Spartan boy it was a requirement to join the army and fight to defend their city. As a young boy the Spartans were trained up to become part of the great army. Those who did not have the wealth to afford a horse were expected to serve as foot soldiers. If they were wealthy enough they would have to pay for their own arms and armour and then they formed the heavily-armed infantry which drilled and prepared for battle as a unit. The selection of Spartan warriors started before their birth. The Spartans encouraged athletic competition and the victors where held in high esteem. They married the strongest boys with the strongest girls and the fastest boys with the fastest girls in order to bread the best warriors. Infamously, the Spartan elders would inspect new born infants and any found to be imperfect, judged to be weak or deformed, were thrown from a cliff. The cliff was a chasm on…show more content…
The phalanx consisted of eight rows of hoplites. They were a force; they were used to force an enemy back. But the one weakness of the phalanx was that they were vulnerable from the back and the flanks, also if the front fell they got overwhelmed. The phalanx was designed to push forward and break the ranks of an opposing army, forcing them to flee battle. The success of the phalanx depended on suitable terrain. This shows that the Spartan army were a strong fighting unit but in some circumstances could be forced back and defeated. “Fighting individually they were not all bad fighters but when they are fighting as a group, they are the best of all”, from Brennan. This shows what a great unit of soldiers the Spartan phalanx was because when they were in a pack they were nearly
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