Spartan Army - Superior to Athens? (Opinion Paragraph)

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The Spartan civilization fought in many wars, and conquered their enemy almost every battle. Through strategies and methods such as extensive training, efficient tactics, and effective armor and weapons, the Spartans ultimately had a better military; one that was far superior to the city state of Athens. The cardinal reason the Spartans were so successful was through their application of extensive training. These training methods they used could be described as tough, solid, and reliable. For example, Spartan boys began their military training at the impressionable age of seven years old. These boys entered the ‘agoge’ system which not only instilled vigorous military training methods, but it also taught them strong hunting, and social skills that would help them during war periods. This proves to be significant because if the Spartans did not start training their warriors from a young age, they, like the Athenians, would eventually perish due to the lack of strength, fearlessness, and courage (Connoly). The extensive training of the Spartan men made what Sparta is known for today – a legendary war-machine. In addition to this, the city state of Athens also did not always have efficient war plans, or tactics. The Spartans however, made full use of their some odd 8000 soldiers by devising clever war tactics. For example, the Spartans were the first to perfect the military technique known as the ‘Phalanx’. This technique utilized every soldier by arranging them so they form a horizontal line. In the line, the soldiers stood next to each other, using their shields to block the person to the left. This tactic used proved very useful in defeating opposing armies; and also resulted in a very low death rate. This proves to be very significant because this technique was developed later on by the Theban and Macedonian city states; proving Sparta was to be looked

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