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Chris LeGarde Democracy Essay Pd 6 Modern-day democracy owes a lot to the democracy in ancient Greece. This early attempt at an equal government run by the citizens was very unique. It served as a model for all the democratic governments that came after it. Though there are many significant differences between the democracy of Athens and the democracy of the United States, they are both pretty much the same. The founding fathers and the ancient Athenians also seem to share some of the same successes and failures when it comes to establishing democracy. In ancient Athens only free males of Athens were considered citizens. This excluded all women, slaves, and even men who had a foreign-born parent, which limited participation in the assembly.…show more content…
There were usually 6000 citizens who attended. Anyone who wanted to could speak at the assembly meeting. A council of 500 full-time representatives chosen each year by lot could also issue orders, and was responsible for setting agendas. The U.S. Congress takes the role that the Assembly and Council did in ancient Athens, proposing and voting on legislation in a similar way but it is made up of a smaller body of elected representatives. The Council also did not have elected leaders in the way that the U.S. does today. Instead the names of influential Athenians or the names of men over 30 were placed in a pool and randomly selected. This lottery system was intended to prevent outside influence on potential political leaders. In the United States, today the President and his executive staff must be elected. The U.S. President has advisors, and other executive officials, but the primary power in the U.S. is the President. While in ancient Athens, the council was made of 500 men with equal power. Ancient Greek democracy has had a deep influence on the design of the United States. The various members of the founding generation of the United States saw ancient Greece as both inspirational and example. Understanding the influence of Greek democracy on the United States requires understanding the way democracy was understood by the

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