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Big Fat Greek Contributions Ancient Greece was one of the most advanced civilizations that have ever dominated on earth. The Greeks had a knack for exploring and believed that “the unexamined life was not worth living,” motivating them to create amazing concepts (Document 1). In the 500 years that they thrived, the intelligent yet curious Greeks were able to discover and develop many things that have truly impacted Western civilization. Because the Greeks have contributed to us their ideas for government, knowledge in math and science, and their culture, Western civilization is the way that it is today. Firstly, the Greeks were the ones that came up with a democratic form of government. According to a an excerpt from Pericles’ Funeral Oration, the ancient Greeks wanted a form of government that “favor[ed] the many instead of the few […] [,so that] a man may serve his country no matter how low his position on the social scale” (Document 3). The Greeks wanted a government that voiced everyone’s opinion; they wanted to hear the majority and give both the rich and poor man an equal opportunity. Western civilization took the influence from the Greeks and built their own democracy based from theirs. The Greeks were very intelligent people that excelled in mathematics and science. They believed in the pursuit of knowledge and studied sad found many theorems and medicines. The first ones to have even the slightest ideas of geometry were the Greeks. In about 300 BCE, Euclid came up with many different geometrical theorems that water later give him the title of “Father of Geometry” (Document 5). Eucid, the Greek, stated in his book, Elements, what the basics of geometry were. Through his book, Western civilization was able to develop advanced mathematics that we know and love today, In addition to helping set our mindsets in the mathematical area, the Greeks also made

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