Ancient Roman and Greek Contributions

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Ancient Contributions Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome made their contributions Western Civilization and the modern world today. Some contributions were small, while others were big. Both civilization shared the same characteristic, they both began as small areas and rose to become what we know them as two of the most influential civilizations today. From people, to ideas, to inventions, these two civilizations influenced everyone around them and gave us the building blocks to become the successful civilization that we are today. The Ancient Greece culture has made many contributions to Western Civilization. The Ancient Greeks affected government, fine arts, concept of armies, and medics. The Greek culture has had a very profound impact on the way people live and run their societies today. The biggest contribution from Ancient Greece is their government. Greece had the first known democracy. Athens was run by a direct democracy, a system in which the masses made all of the decisions. The goals of the government were to strengthen the democracy of which they ran, hold strength to the empire, and to glorify Athens. Today in the United States we have a democracy similar to the Ancient Athens democracy. We have a government that makes all of the decisions for us. The government today also tries to strengthen itself by passing laws that they came up with. Our democracy today also holds strength to our country by giving protection to us through our army and strict law enforcement. The government also tries to glorify our country today by giving the United States the image of this country that lives in peace and harmony. The Greeks affected many of our constitutional rights. In both the United States democracy and the Athenian democracy, political power can be exercised by citizens. An example of the political power to be exercised by the citizen in
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