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The Greek culture has had a profound impact on Western civilization due to their long lasting contributions in the areas of art, architecture, philosophy, math, drama, and science. The discus thrower and most other Greek sculptures are emotionless, and usually capture the serenity of motion, and were always proportional. This form of art was known as classical art. Many sculptures and paintings of presidents, and high-ranking military leaders are emotionless. The Greeks believed that the emotionless art showed a sense of power. The Greeks had many plays, with the two main types being Tragedy and Comedy. A Tragedy was a drama with themes about love, hate, war, and/or betrayal. A Comedy was a way to get political messages to the public, or just to "poke fun" at a certain group, or class of people. Greece had the first known democracy. The Greeks affected many of our current constitutional rights. In both the US democracy and the Athenian democracy where political power can be exercised by the citizens. Pericles had three goals, to Strengthen Democracy, Hold strength in the empire, and to glorify Athens. Pericles stated that he wanted all citizens to have an equal opportunity to serve the public. The Legislative branch passes the laws, the Executive branch carries out the laws, and the Judicial branches had trials with paid jurors. In the US most of the democratic theories that the government uses are either identical or very similar to the Ancient Athenians theories. Myron's famous sculpture, the Discus Thrower is an example of a kind of sport in ancient Greek times that resembled modern day javelin mixed with Frisbee. Greece was the first civilization to incorporate sports and make it a tradition. Greece was the host of the first Olympics, the sports that this involved were running, Chariot racing, wrestling, boxing, javelin, and many more sports. In modern day

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