How Did Ancient Greeks Influence Western Civilization

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Lindsey Swidergal Period 7 October 29, 2010 The Greeks Impact on Western Civilization More than thousands of years ago the Greeks made advancements that have affected our society today. Art had affected this by the building of sculptures, different architecture, the beginning of drama, and literature. In math, different solutions were created that we still use in present day. Through philosophy, people came with new ideas of thinking and understanding, Democracy made the society have freedom and increase in advancements. The ancient Greeks contributed philosophy, art, math, and democracy to Western Civilization. To begin, art made a huge impact on future societies; thoughts used today. For example in Document 8, Sculptures were in male…show more content…
One famous philosopher is Socrates. He believed that all knowledge was found within (Document 1). “The unexamined life is not worth living.” By this quote he means if one reasons and learns she or she is more likely to have a better life and be more cautious with decisions. On the other hand, the Socrates Method was created by Socrates. In this method, it used a question-and-answer format to lead pupils to see things for themselves by using their own reasons. Education has been affected by this because most teaches use this format to help students with studying. Another philosopher from Greek time is Plato. He was Socrates student and developed many philosophical ideas about political systems and reality. Plato decided that both, men and women, should have the same education and the pursuit of happiness. This concludes that in ancient times, Plato was trying to make the greatest society and resulted in having equal rights of the same gender. In addition, Aristotle was a philosopher that generated these theories on reason (Document 2). Government in Western Civilization is based on reason because many rulers use intelligence and wisdom. In big decision, this is curtail because one must look past all the little details and decide from what is right and what the population needs. Also, constitutional laws are formulated from logic. Overall philosophy has improved the
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