Dbq Essay: Cloning

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Victoria DBQ Essay: Cloning Should the Federal Government restrict the process of cloning mammals including humans? Some people think that cloning mammals and humans should be illegal. They believe this for a few different reasons. The biggest controversy is that people feel that the cloning process is killing babies (or potential babies). Also, people feel that t is unnecessary to clone mammals. The final reason is political problems. The first reason that I mentioned above was that some people don’t agree with cloning because it is killing babies. This is true because it can kill potential babies, but not newborns. Also, it is not killing the potential baby, it is just reducing the possibility of having a baby. I agree and disagree with this reason. This is because now a baby might not be able to be born. However, I disagree because if a person wants to clone, another person’s feelings about cloning shouldn’t matter because it is not their decision to make. Another reason is that people find cloning unnecessary. They think it is unnecessary because if you are infertile and unable to have a baby you can just adopt instead of cloning. Also, because if you are able to have a baby, it is a waste of time and money to clone a child. All in all, it is unnecessary to clone for a few reasons from an outside person’s perspective. Additionally, cloning is found politically wrong too. George W. Bush banned cloning during his presidency. This was because he agreed that cloning was killing potential babies. Later on, congress lifted this this law, but there was still limits put on cloning. This is because they do not want there to be too many tests run on cloning because it is unnecessary and
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