Euthanasia or Murder?

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Applied Ethics – Assignment Essay Topic: Euthanasia or murder? Euthanasia is always a controversial issue which has led arguments between two-sides for a long period. It raises lots of moral and religious questions, such as: is euthanasia another word for murder? In my point of view, euthanasia definitely is not a murder. In this essay, I am going to discuss the difference between euthanasia and murder in three main aspects – the patients’ will, the intention, the condition of patients. Unlike Murder, euthanasia besides under the patients or their closed relatives’ permission, their illnesses are fully investigated by professional doctors to prove there is no reasonably hope of recovery. They are informed the consequence and not force to do so. Patients’ lives do not take away surprisingly like in murder case. Euthanasia opponent always claims that doctors have the duty to help the patient to continue alive even depending on machines only. Otherwise, it is murder. This is ridicules. First, is life-sustaining treatment or artificial feeding methods really “helping” the patients? Can these kinds of treatment really get patient and their families out of suffering as well as give hope? I do not think so. For passive euthanasia, the patients just refuse to accept any treatment and let their lives continue naturally without any medical or machine. For instance, Julia Quinlan, Karen’s mother, explained the family’s feelings: “We didn’t ask for Karen to die. We just asked for her to be removed from technology and be placed in a natural state.” People who are against euthanasia believe that passive euthanasia is wrong. This is because human-beings have no right to die and should not seek to control ending of a person’s life as it is against the natural. However, I truly believe that continued treatment in terminally ill patients are the real action which against
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