Pro-Protective Custody Law

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Pro-Protective Custody Laws Position For: A fetus is a life, a person, and most importantly a future child. It is our job as a society to ensure that he or she is protected. When this woman chose to carry this child, she in fact gave up her right to control her own body, and make choices only for her well-being. In the hunt for justice, we must make the fetus’s rights just as important as the mother’s. If a woman chooses not to seek medical attention for her unborn child, is that not the same as a mother not seeking medical attention for her baby’s aliment? In fact I believe it is and we as a society consider that negligence. So we must decide that a fetus is not a part of the mother’s body but a person, and that her right to freedom of choice must be weighed against the fetus’s right to be born in a healthy state. Against: Are we as a society ready to demand more of an expectant mother than anyone else? If we are sincerely committed to equality then the answer must be no. Demanding that she have the surgery would entail us to say that you have to give up your body to your unborn child. It is unacceptable to force a pregnant woman to undergo treatment. It is her fundamental right of freedom of choice and control over her own body and life. In fact if we force this woman to have the surgery it could compromise the sanctity of a woman’s body. This would bring up the whole debate of abortion. Having the fetus’s rights just as important if not more than the mother’s, could say that if you have an abortion or miscarriage that you could be charged with a criminal offence. In the interest of fairness and justice, she should not be forced to have the
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