Abortion Vs Pro Life Essay

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Abortion (Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life) The right for a woman to choose whether or not to abort a pregnancy is one of the controversial issues in the United States. Pro-life are the people who believe that it is the government’s rights and responsibility to care for all life regardless of all the concerns in the health of the pregnant woman or what kind of life would the child have. Pro-choice are those people who argue and believe that a woman should have the right to decide and make a choice on what she wishes to do when it comes to their own body, as long as it does not harm others with their decision. My standpoint about abortion is that I definitely feel that it is a woman’s right to decide if she is going to do abortion and as long as she has a valid reason to abort a child. The reason why it is important for a woman to make a choice is because a lack of choice could and may lead to medical and health problems for the mother and the child, and a poor environment for the child to grow with. I…show more content…
Those people who are not in favor of abortion has the choice to not abort a baby and to those who has different religious and moral beliefs, like we all do, should have the right to stand what they think is right and moral and should not have to live on the belief system of other people. If a woman feels and knows that her pregnancy is harmful for her and for the baby’s physical and mental health, and if she knows that the child will grow up in poor environment, she should have the choice to do what she thinks is right, to do what she wants, and to decide for herself. Abortion is something that needs to be decided based on a person’s own beliefs and no one has the right to decide this for someone else. Do some people know what it is like to be a young, goal oriented woman, having an entire great future, and then she is suddenly facing difficult decision of choosing her great future or having an unwanted child? You

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