Cloning Comparison Essay

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Compare and Contrast: Jennifer and Rachel and Narcissus Cloned In today’s society, people have different opinions about the many debatable issues that affect our nation every day. One of the most controversial topics has to do with the discovery and use of cloning. The articles “Jennifer and Rachel” by Lee M. Silver and “Narcissus Cloned” by John Conley both identify the concern of cloning and state there side on the issue. The main question at hand is “Is cloning harmful/moral?”, and if so, why? The two articles state opposing arguments by using different literary techniques and strategies to convince the reader to take their side based on their arguments. Even though both articles talk about cloning, it does not necessarily mean they agree and talk about the same ideas. One example is how both articles begin. In “Jennifer and Rachel”, Silver introduces us to Jennifer, and tells us her story and why she ultimately decides to clone herself. By doing this, the reader gains a connection with Jennifer and helps them understand her motivation for her actions. This also helps Silvers arguments later on, using Jennifer’s story as a reference or an example as to why cloning is acceptable. “Narcissus Cloned” however, begins by stating Washington D.C’s concerns with the “ethical issues” and “moral values” that cloning with cause in society. Just from the beginning of both pieces, the reader can already see the bias of both authors, Silver being for cloning and Conley being strongly against it. Both Silver and Conley also disagree on the value of a cloned person’s life. Conley’s opinion is that cloning would infringe upon the life of each human being and the respect of their life whose was the result of cloning. He believes it is unfair for the child to have to live his/her life sharing the same genetic encoding with another person. Silver on the other hand states that even
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