Should Parents Be Allowed to Choose the Sex of Their Children?

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SHOULD PARENTS BE ALLOWED TO CHOOSE THE SEX OF THEIR CHILDREN? Angela Hill Baker College of Cass City Comp. 2 Mrs. Wilson January 11, 2013 Abstract There are many opinions on the subject of sex selection. It is said to be ethical and accepted amongst professionals of the medical field. There are also opposing sides to this topic as well. With medical side effects that can cause more distress then the possible undesirable traits of a child the determination is not concrete. Many facts support the advancements and benefits but can also discourage the possibility of sex selection. After reading I hope that a person can be further informed and able to make an educated opinion as to whether or not this topic is ethical or not ethical. The author of this paper is strongly against the option to choose the gender of their child. In today’s society there is an option to pick the gender of an unborn child. Today’s technology has become advanced enough to allow parents to pick the gender of their children. Through complex procedures and processes one can produce a “preferable” gender of an embryo. Is this ethical? Should parents be able to pick what sex their child will be? (Cline,2012). It is wrong to grow human embryos in containers and throw out the ones that are considered to be the wrong sex, they are thrown out in the trash on a daily. Its horrifying to know that this is happening in our society. Hundreds of innocent embryos are being thrown out on a daily basis just for being the “wrong” gender based on a parent’s choice. Yes, parents pay thousands of dollars to have their genetics planted and grown into embryos. They choose the gender that they want and let the other embryos are thrown out with the daily trash. It’s horrifying, disturbing, and un-human. There are too many loving, caring humans in the world who cannot
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