Curriculum Development Essay

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Teaching and Learning – developing a curriculum for a learning area, subject or programme CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 3 2. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT 3 2.1 ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF THE DESIGN PROCESS: 3 2.2 REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCCESSFUL CURRICULUM DISSEMENATION AND IMPLEMENTATION: 5 2.3 THE EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CURRICULUM: 5 2.4 MY RESPOSIBILITY AS AN EMPOWERED TEACHER: 6 3. CONCLUSION 7 4. REFERENCES 8 1. INTRODUCTION Curriculum issues are connected to current thinking and action on educational concerns and reforms around the world. Experiences of educational reform almost all over the world have shown that curriculum is at the same time a policy and a technical issue, a process and a product, involving a wide range of institutions and actors. Curriculum can be simply termed a brief written account of one’s past history e.g. of education and many other aspects of life endeavour. Innovations reported under this category are in the area of curriculum and programme development; new approaches to teaching and learning, often combined with the introduction of new educational technologies. The process of constructing the curriculum is unique to each national setting. It is a complex outcome of the opinions and solutions that key stakeholders propose for society’s requirements and needs. 1. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF THE DESIGN PROCESS: • Situation Analysis This process is one of evaluation after the collection and interpretation of the information that may manipulate curriculum development. It may serve as a starting point for curriculum development and can identify the specific needs. The nature of needs may fluctuate and differ depending on the level on which development is being done. • Goals Goals are required to guide the education process regarding
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