Cultural Sensitivity in Business Essay

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Shloka Epur Ms. Subhamitra adhikari Academic writing 25th July 2013 CULTURAL SENSITIVITY IN BUSINESS Cultural sensitivity plays a crucial role in management of a business. Cultural sensitivity is being aware of different cultures and the similarities and differences that exist. The two components that drive cultural sensitivity are empathy and objectivity. Being objective helps us to recognize the similarities and differences between the cultures and enable us to act or respond with empathy. You are the most powerful cultural force in the world (William J. Clinton). In today’s business community which is multicultural, cultural differences often interfere with international business projects which may lead to failure of projects. Thus, cultural sensitivity has become increasingly important. This essay emphasises the importance of cultural sensitivity in management of business. Businesses are run all over the world with different goals and targets. Cultural sensitivity is important and must for now a day’s business in order to achieve their goals and reach their targets. Businesses need cultural sensitivity with products, language and employees. Businesses are global and they may need to recruit foreign workers. Being culturally insensitive or ignoring the cultural values can lead to loss to workers and hence inefficient production or less sales. Employees of different cultures work under an organization. The working area and the rules and regulations laid should not offend the employees working in the organization. Thus, this essay emphasizes on “The vital role of cultural sensitivity in business management”. Management includes managing the employees, products, customers, language, business relationships in exports and imports, expanding and employees. EMPLOYEES The most fundamental thing for a business to run

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