Marshal Cohen's Hiring Protocol At Many Retail Stores

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Beauty sells products; that’s the argument that Marshal Cohen uses to justify this opinion about the hiring protocol at many retail stores. Cohen believes that by hiring better looking people, stores are able to promote their products and increase sales. It is understandable why companies make these selections, but people should not accept all of the discrimination as typical. By hiring only “good-looking” people, retail stores are showing prejudice and discriminating. Companies should open up their criteria for hiring to apply to more people and make the selection process revolve around hard-work and ability not looks. While stores attempt to create a certain vibe within a store, they need to make sure that they are not making too many decisions for employment based on prejudice views. While having certain people working may attract a certain group of people, they are losing the business of people who feel no connection to the store because of the type of employees. If…show more content…
In southern California, if you walk into a mall you will see different crowds of people at different shops. At the Topanga Mall, there is great discrimination as you walk through; in the newer part of the mall you will see people who are higher class and Caucasian; while it seems in the older part people are looking for deals. Also if you walk into stores like Hollister Co. and Abercrombie and Fitch you will see a majority of Caucasian people working there resulting in the type of people who shop in those stores also being mostly Caucasian. When people look for a job, they expect the selection process to be fair and just. When companies use unfair processes and discriminate according to looks, it hurts the potential employees and the retailer; if someone doesn’t fit a “look”, it doesn’t mean that they are not qualified for the job. A company should not judge on looks, but whether the person is qualified for the job and

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