Btec Business Level 3 Unit 1 P6

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STAKEHOLDERS For this assignment I will identify and explain the external factors that affect two contrasting businesses which are McDonalds and NHS. TASK 1 - POLICITCAL FACTORS Political Political factors are the changes that take within the government and that’s how it affects businesses. The stability of the government can hugely affect businesses or what type of government is ruling, their ideas such dictatorship, capitalism and others. The economic and trade policy makes it difficult for businesses. Credit crunch and recession are great examples of external factors influencing the business. If the people are suffering from recession, they will not have money to spend money and this is how it affects the businesses. The current instability in Iraq is a good example of what may happen to businesses. In business it’s very important to understand, monitor and adapt to the political environment, because it crucially affects every business. Some of the very important factors are: Government stability effects businesses in a great range by competing with businesses to lower their costs, transparency is another important factor where anything the business does is revealed to the government and the government know exactly what they are up to. Economic policy of government on businesses is also a very essential factor that effects businesses for example, government sets up rules and frameworks according to which the businesses compete with one and another, so from time to time government changes these rules which forces the businesses to change the way of their set ups. There are also beneficial political factors that help businesses in various ways, these factors can be defined as apprenticeships and funding of schools and colleges which will enhance the skills of the population that will affect McDonalds in having more skilled workers to work for them which will

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