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Critical Thinking in College and Everyday Life “Critical thinking is a rich concept that has been developing throughout the past 2500 years. The term "critical thinking" has its roots in the mid-late 20th century” (Thomas 26-35). Critical thinking is the process or method of thinking that questions assumptions. It is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, false, or sometimes true and sometimes false, or partly true and partly false. “Critical thinking is the ability to think for ones self and to reliably and responsibly make the decisions that effect ones life” (Garner 64) “Critical thinking is an important component of all colleges. It is a part of the education process and is increasingly significant as student’s progress through university to graduate education, although there is debate among educators about its precise meaning and scope” (Ritola 21). College is about thinking, and it will help one understand how to become a critical thinker which is, someone who doesn’t believe everything he or she hears or reads but instead looks for evidence before forming an opinion. Critical thinking allows one to think outside the box and develop ones own ideas and solutions. “Developing critical thinking skills will empower one to make sound decisions throughout ones life” (Garner 3). One should learn to think critically because if one doesn’t carefully examine and evaluate what you see, read, hear, ones not really learning. “Critical thinking is that mode of thinking about any subject, content, or problem in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully imposing intellectual standards upon his or her thoughts” (Foundation For Critical Thinking). “Whatever you are doing right now, whatever you feel, whatever you want, all are determined by the quality of your thinking. If your thinking is unrealistic, your thinking will lead to many

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