College Life and Stress

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College Life and Stress Brandon Cathcart Post University Psychology 4/12/13 Abstract In this essay it will compare on contrast stress between regular men and women college students with men and women student athletes. They are both stressed by the same factors, athletes have more stressors; the only difference is what they were tested on. Questionnaires were the most commonly used to get the results from the students. The student athletes had different subgroups due to there being many different methods to get the best results. Each side had a well put structure to get the results. The best test to get results for the student’s stressors was the College Student-Athletes’ Life Stress Scale (CSALSS). It describes situations that participants encountered in their daily life, and sports and were considered as major stressors in their lives. In the regular student the main idea was getting results off stress from college life or family influence. It touches both physical and mental health. Both give very good results towards college life and the stressors that follow it. There are also various tables of results throughout the essay to explain exactly what they tested on. The transition from adolescence to becoming an adult is a time of great change and even greater stress. This is particularly true for young adults who attend college. Many students find their college years to be a stressful experience and overwhelming. Recent studies show the highest levels of stress among college freshman. (Pedersen) Stress is defined as a demand, either internal or external, that results in emotional arousal and requires a change of behavior. The stressors may be physical, psychological, social or environmental; and are largely dependent on individual perception. Students indicate stressors as academic work, financial, familial, personal, and environmental.

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