Essay Is It Better To Learn Through Failure

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Question 5 Is it better to learn through success or through failure? Which way do you learn the most? Is losing important or useful? I think that it is better to learn through failure. I will never know I will fail or not before I do something according to my ideas, so it is important for me to try. And if I fail, failure teach me to analysis the things I do, I can learn from the particle experience about what works and what does not work. After that, I can do some adjustment in the future. Furthermore, we can also learn integrity through failure, integrity is the quality of being honest and having a high moral principle, failure teaches us to listen to others opinions and feedbacks more. People exchange ideas with others and listen to others experience can decrease the possibility to fail a task. As a result, we can make the integrity of the choices, for example, the commitment of being an architect. Failure is a good way to learn integrity. However, success is a good way to learn too, everyone want success, success gives people the incentive and motivation to do it well again. Success teaches us the things work efficiently. After a…show more content…
Before the game, athletes have to do a lot of training, moral lesson talk about the strategies they want to use in the game. During the completion, athletes will try their best to kick off their opponent in the limit time, they use their critical thinking in the games, for example, athletes have to decide shoot or not to shoot in just one second in the football game. As a result, time limit allow athletes to try to make the best decision without hesitation. Moreover, time limit make every second become meaningful in a game; athletes will try to make the best strategies to treasure the time. Otherwise, they will lose. Besides, the pressure of the time make them have the motivation to become succeed. As a result, sports game have time

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