Difference Between High School and College

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The Difference between High school and College Throughout the essay, “The Difference Between High School and College”, Professor Jack Meiland approaches college work by comparing college to high school. Professor Meiland says, “a large part of college work consists with discussing and examining the basis of current beliefs” (Meiland). Meiland states that, even though both systems require students to observe basic knowledge, college guide students to search for the foundation and reasons behind the topics. Meiland states that during the high school, students are introduced to ideas based on the facts, which are presented as if they were an absolute truth. However, he says, college expects students to have a higher and deeper understanding of the material. “After being introduced to an idea or a concept, college students must perform another sort of intellectual work on the material, namely critical examination and evaluation” (Meiland). The “critical examination and evaluation”, Meiland conveys, it enforces students to look deeper and closer into a topic without any kind of prejudging; moreover, they end up coming up with conclusions based on the evidence they have obtained. The author says that “college materials are treated as beliefs or conclusions reached through investigation” (Meiland). In his opinion, college students should try to find evidence, investigate, and speculate differently about the material they have learned. “In other word college deals with the rational justification of belief” (Meiland). Also college professors should present and examine the basis of the material in order to give basic information to the students. Meiland says “college simply reflects the legitimation of belief by inquiring into the rationality of every belief to find out whether each belief is supported by good reasons”( Meiland). He wants college students to keep
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