Correcting the Mistakes of Parenting

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Brittiany Garcia English 101 8:00am Summary Review of “Correcting the Mistakes of Parenting” In his article “Correcting the Mistakes of Parenting” Ruben Navarrette Jr., discusses how today’s parents are choosing to raise their children or more appropriately the mistakes that they are making while doing so. He begins his article by stating that buying your children everything will not guarantee your child’s respect. It’s what he goes on to say where things get interesting. In a survey where both Adults and children were surveyed the findings reveal that many of today’s children do not intend to raise their own children the same way that they were raised. They plan to be tougher with their own children as well as a lot less generous. But why? As the article states a large majority of the children surveyed do not want to be their children’s best friends as opposed to the large number of parents today who want to be their child’s best friend. Only a small number of children surveyed plan to buy their children everything they desire. The article states that children need to have rules, structure and boundaries and that it is the parent’s job to ensure that the child has them. Even though it seems obvious some parent’s are just not catching on. The article also reports that some parent’s do not require their children to do chores and some are even paying their children’s bills. In a severe case one child did not have to do their assigned homework in belief that it would make the child unhappy. Parenting is a tricky thing. Every parent has his or her own personal philosophy of parenting. Some believe in spanking and others are completely against it. There are so many variables involved, and finding the right balance of parenting style can be a difficult thing. What works for one parent and child

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