Single Parent Homes: Helpful Or Hurtful?

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Single Parent Homes: Helpful or Hurtful? A positive environment in a household should consist of: 1. A mother figure and a father figure 2. Decent amount of income 3. Love throughout the household A single parent home has some obvious disadvantages that could have a negative impact on anyone that is a member of that household. Children in the household should grow up with both a mother and a father. When kids grow up with single parents they tend to spend more time alone, which could allow them to engage in irresponsible behavior. A single parent will not be as involved in the children’s life as much because of work, or other responsibilities. A married couple could divide those responsibilities and schedule their work hours so that the kids hardly spend time alone. It will be easier to guide them in a positive direction. Poverty is a major factor that negatively affects the households. Both the parents and the kids will have a much more stressful life and that stress will reflect upon their performance at work and at school. An education costs money and a single parent with only one source of income plus all the other payments will definitely cause problems. In contrast, if both the husband and wife work, they could combine their incomes and their financial problems would be at a minimum. They will probably be able to offer their kids a better education and a better living overall. Not to sound corny or anything but love has to exist among the members of the household. There should be love between the parents and between the parents and children. Neglecting your son or daughter will shift their attitudes unfavorably. They will live with anger and could become much more rebellious, causing them to make poor judgments or decisions. Those poor choices in life could alter their futures. It is always good for kids to see their mom and dad display affection
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