Affect Divorce Have on Children

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Abstract Divorce have many effects on children. Children are the most affected due to having to make difficult decisions in their lives. Divorce affects children of all ages, races, and sex. Divorce affects children educationally, emotionally, and psychologically. Males and females show their emotional feelings accordingly to how they would like to express their feelings. Age really effects how a child is able to express their feelings appropriately, instead of hiding their feelings within. Divorces can change environments for the best however it can cause a lot of stress on the adults in the home. Learning to cope with routine change, family visitations, and how to budget finances based on one income. Divorce has many effects on children and however the parents adjust to the divorce relates to how the child will adjust. Divorce can change negative effects on the development of a child. It can affect A child’s feelings, behaviors, emotions, communication skills, and health (Lewis, 1999) The effects can be long lasting into their adulthood. It is important that parents communicate and help their children on how to cope with a divorce. Divorce affects each member of the family which children experience it differently. Parents should sit down with their children and discuss the situation, but not going into detail, that would give mixed feelings towards the parent that is in fault. Even though parents are getting a divorce, they still are the most important people in a child’s life. Children tend to feel lonely, depressed, and rejected because of the situation. Children’s emotions, feelings, and how they cope with depends on how the parents display their coping skills (Lewis, 1999). Some children seek answers to figure out what made their parents decide on a divorce. When children display their
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