Influence Of Divorce On Child’s Psyche

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Influence of Divorce on Child’s Psyche Family is the closest and the most important and influential environment that a child is exposed to from the first moments of his or her life. Family inevitably becomes an example and guide for a child of how the relationships and attitudes towards care, respect and mutual understanding and communication between people and family specifically should be build. It does not require a proof that when a child is raised in a single-parent family, he or she lacks one side of this equation and can only see the position and way mother or father can present him or her with. When a child is born in a single-parent family, it is easier to accept the reality and differences that other families have, by simply not going through the experience from the beginning. In this case, child still can have good understanding of various situations and be able to grow with the right vision of the family. The situation is different and more complicated in the families that have gone through the challenges of divorce. Child, whose parents got divorced, goes through significant emotional shock and re-evaluation of the core values and moral principles. In the majority of cases, divorce causes a lot of negative emotions between parents that cannot be hidden from a child and, consequently, it goes deeply into the mind and mentality of a child. Negative aspects and attributes of divorce, such as discussions on the parental control, cruel scenes between parents and negligent attitude towards the child, as proven by the empirical research data, influence future behavioral patterns of this child and create dysfunctional attitude and relationships in his or her own family. The statistics shows that twenty one percent of the respondents in one of the research on the functional differences in the families of individuals, brought up by one of the divorced parents,
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