In Leon R. Kass's Essay 'The End Of Courtship'

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The Fairy Tale In his essay, “The End of Courtship,” Leon R. Kass claims that “people on both the left and right have come to regard the breakup of marriage as a leading cause of neglect, indeed, of the psychic and moral maiming, of America’s children”(224). The high divorce rates in our society are staggering and recognizable; yet we can point out the problem but can’t seem to provide a solution. There are several “deal breakers” in a marriage with many being obvious and some not so obvious; however the relationship problems people face today are no different then what couples faced in the past when divorce was rare and vows of lifetime commitments and family values were worth fighting for. The question we must ask ourselves is…show more content…
The church encourages couples to stay together and even provides counseling and support for struggling couples, but the consequences have changed. Like society, many churches have flourished and have so many members it would stifle the population of a small town. Couples just don’t stand out in their community or church anymore and wouldn’t suffer the social consequences of the past. Divorce itself has become the biggest problem. Just like children abused by their parents that in fact grow up to be abusive themselves. Kass says that children of divorce “have had no successful models to imitate” (229) and in fact “enter into relationships guardedly and tentatively” (230). Children of divorce enter a relationship looking for red flags up front and when things get difficult they never had anything in which to compare their situation. “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going;”…LITERALLY! Divorce is tragic on many levels and all too often the impact on children is more then just the shock of their parents living in two different places. Other then “deal breakers” which could have physical or psychological damage to a child, society needs to take another look at why they are getting
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