Understand the Concept of Supporting Cyp Through Foster Care. Unit 620

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Understand the context of supporting children and young people through foster care The circumstances that have lead children and young people to access foster can be for numerous reasons, 1. Abuse 2. Neglect 3. Abandonment 4. Parent illness and no other relative to take care of the child 5. Abusive relationships between parents 6. Parents using drugs There are lots of changes that the child or young person will experience when coming into care, their emotions and feelings will change, they feel upset and lonely and may feel they have done something wrong, they will feel confused and anxious and not understand why they have been taken away from their family and will not fully understand what is happening to them. It can be a very scary time for them meeting people they don’t know and their new surroundings, there are lots of people involved when a child or young person comes into care which will be very daunting for them especially for a younger child, an older child may not want to co-operate with the social workers or the foster carer’s which will be a very stressful time for all parties. It will take a very long time for a child or young person to be able to trust the carer’s and their family and be able to feel settled in their new home as they may feel like an outsider and do not belong here. When children come into care it will affect them and other people, for the child or young person they will have mood swings, negative behaviour and sometimes regress back to an earlier age, for the parents they will feel angry and upset that their child has been taken away and don’t always co-operate with the authorities, as foster carer’s we will have added responsibilities and will have to deal with any issues that arise, such as consoling the child and make sure they feel safe in a calming environment. Our own children can be affected if
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