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Parenting styles have long been studied by developmental psychologist to determine how parents impact child development. Within this paper I will discuss the four different types of parenting styles, the impact on my own development, the parenting style I may tend to use in the future if and when I have children, and how parenting styles might be the focus of attention in the mental health setting. Diana Baumrind conducted a study in the early 1960’s with more than one hundred pre-school aged children. During this study Baumrind, identified four dimensions of parenting which include disciplinary strategies, warmth and nurturance, communication styles, and expectations of maturity and control. With these four dimensions, Baumrind suggested three different parenting styles. The fourth style was later added by further research. Authoritarian or extremely strict parenting style is described by parents that are highly controlling and where children are expected to follow the strict rules established by the parent. The parent stress obedience to authority and discourage discussion. Failure to follow the rules usually results in punishment. The parent is highly demanding and directive but are not responsive to the child not encourage give and take. (Gurian, Wagner) Authoritative or moderate parenting style is described by parents that set limits and rely on natural consequences for the child to learn from making mistakes. The authoritative parent establishes rules and guidelines that the child is expected to follow but are responsive to their child. This is a more democratic approach in the use of supportive rather than punitive disciplinary methods. (Gurian, Wagner). Permissive or indulgent style is accepting and warm but exert little control and have few demands to make of the child. The permissive parent does not set limits and allow the child to set their own rules,

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