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CHAPTER FOUR 4.0 DATA ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION 4.1 Introduction This chapter gives an overview of how the data collected was analysed and the results generated from them. A total of 90 respondents were included in this survey and each posed with a series of questions to solicit for data to help realize the aims and objectives of this study. SPSS 17 was used in analysing the data which were presented in tables and charts format. Some of the analysis conducted included frequency, descriptive, correlation and independent t-test. 4.2 Demographic Characteristics Analysis of the data showed that, out of the 90 respondents included in this study, 50% of them were male while the female respondents were also 50%. The study further showed that, 31.9% of the students were in SHS 1 while 33% were SHS 2 with 34.1% also being in SHS3 as observed on table 1. Table 1 Class of Study Frequency Percent SHS1 29 31.9 SHS2 30 33.0 SHS3 31 34.1 Total 90 100.0 Source: Field Survey Figure I show the age distribution of the students included in the study. From the chart, it is observed that, 40.4% of them were between the age range of 14-16 years while the majority also representing 17-18 years with only 7.9% saying they are 19 years and above. Source: Field Survey 4.3 Parenting Styles With the aim of finding out how parenting style affects the introversion and extraversion nature of students, the study sought to find out the kind of parenting styles practiced by the parents of the students. The parenting styles considered include, authoritative, authoritarian and permissive parenting style. 4.3.1 Authoritative Parenting Style The findings showed that, most of the students sampled identified the authoritative parenting style as the main parenting style adopted by their parents in catering for them. This kind of parenting style involves parents

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