Aj Davis Case Problem

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A. Introduction AJ Davis is a department store chain with many credit customers in which the company would like to obtain more information about. In order to do so the company has selected fifty credit customers and collected data on the following five variables: Location, Income, Household Size, Years Living in Current Location, and Credit Balance. The company will take an in-depth look into these five variables and the relationships between one another using graphical and numerical summary and interpretation. B. The first individual variable to be reviewed is Location. Location is divided into three categories: Rural, Suburban and Urban. A pie chart has been created in order to show the percentage of AJ Davis customers that live in each Location Category. By looking at the Location pie chart one is able to determine that the majority of AJ Davis credit customers live in Urban areas, a little under fifty percent do so. A little over twenty five…show more content…
The third individual variable to be reviewed is Income. A histogram chart was created to determine of the fifty customers sampled how much income these individuals have coming in. By looking at the histogram one is able to determine that the majority of customers reported making approximately fifty five thousand a year therefore this would be the mode. The average or mean reported income was approximately forty four thousand a year. The median would be about forty three thousand a year. E. The first pairing of variables to be reviewed is the relationship between Household Size and Income. A scatterplot was created in order to look at the correlation between the two variables. From reviewing the scatterplot one is able to determine that there is not much consistency for example, those who make an average of thirty eight thousand dollars a year can have anywhere from two, to four to seven household members. This goes the same for those in the fifty five thousand a year bracket as well those individuals can

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