Confucius and the Analects

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From Confucius and the Analects: 1. From this brief selection of writings attributed to Confucius, how would you characterize his philosophy – what sorts of qualities would you select to describe it? One of the most important qualities of the Confucian philosophies is kindness. An example is shown in this quote: “Approach them with dignity, and they will respect you. Show piety towards your parents and kindness toward your children, and they will be loyal to you. Promote those who are worthy, train those who are incompetent; that is the best form of encouragement." A second quote found in I:5 states that a good, kind country/leader: “shows affection toward his subjects in general, and uses the labor of the peasantry only at the proper times of year.” A second characteristic is propriety-conforming to rules of behavior which is shown in XII: 11: "Let the prince be a prince, the minister a minister, the father a father and the son a son." Another quote that supports this is found in I:5 which says: “A country of a thousand war-chariots cannot be administered unless the ruler attends strictly to business, punctually observes his promises, is economical in expenditure…” 2. Why might Confucian philosophy displease people who are creating an empire but appeal to those securely in power? If the government is based on Confucian philosophy, they will have earned the respect of their people by treating them with benevolence and kindness. Their people will know the laws and customs of their society and will be content and because of this will be supportive of their government. Those trying to create a government would have a harder job because an empire is not created without conflict, whether you are trying to take over another empire or create a new one. If you lived under the influence of new government with different rules and new ideas 3. Would men who
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