Confucianism and It's Influence on Social and Political Aspects of Society

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 History of Confucianism 3 Confucian influence on social and political aspects of society 4 Confucian Institutes 6 Lei Feng 7 Conclusion 10 Bibliography 11 Introduction Liang Shuming, 梁漱溟, 1893-1988, a Chinese philosopher, reformist and follower of the Confucius teachings, who believed Confucianism combined with various Western values to be especially significant to the creation of a harmonious society, defined culture as a people’s way of life – spiritual, social, and material, and furthermore meant that the value of a culture lies in its distinctive differences from others. (Sor-Hoon Tan, 2008, pp. 144). China is one of the oldest societies of world history, dating approximately 5.000 years back, and roughly half of this period has mainly been dominated by Confucian influence shaping the before mentioned values. The founder of Confucianism, Confucius, is considered the most influential thinker and moral philosopher of the Chinese civilization, which is also strengthened by the name he was given, Xianshi, 先師, the teacher from the past or the foremost teacher. (Goldin, 2011, pp.7). Confucius taught his words and ideas orally to his disciples; it was not until his death in 479 BC that his philosophical thoughts were to be found in written form. (Goldin, 2011, pp.8-9). These were called the Analects or the Lunyu, 論語, the selected sayings, and were later to be processed and interpreted by other famous Confucians such as Mencius and Xunzi. Confucianism, in terms of social and political aspects of society, aims for a peaceful and harmonious society characterized by authoritarianism, blind and absolute obedience to a higher enlightened government, and preaches humane values, that basically put being a selfless, well-meaning and helpful member of community in focus. Confucianism is furthermore a means by which the Chinese

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