Commentary on Micheal Wood's Idae of the Mandate of Heaven: China

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I agree with Michael Wood’s concept of Chinese culture as discussed in his video programme. The agreement are as followed. Michael Wood pointed out that the Chinese emphasis on the harmonious nature. The Chinese deeply believed peace and balance. I suppose they blend this idea into daily practice. Like Chinese medicine, the Chinese usually used herbal medicine because they trusted there is harmony on earth. And also for cuisine, the way of Chinese cooking are according to the five tastes which suited our bodies. Moreover, the religion and art marked the civilization of China. And different religions (Buddhism, Taoism) can co-existed together to civilize the people. Last, when the Chinese have conflicts with the west, she would not act as a starter of war, she fight back for self-defense only. Harmony does play an essential role to the Chinese culture. And even, in the 2008 Olympic Game where held in China, used harmony as the main theme. Confucianism is highly advocated in China. In stead of saying Confucianism is a religion, I think Confucianism is concepts of state of moral idea. It provided spiritual and intellectual knowledge to the Chinese. It taught us to be self-ruled and to be virtuous person. The Chinese believed it is a virtue to follow Confucianism. To summarize, Confucianism is a mutual belief of the Chinese. When talking about Chinese culture, we could not neglect the Chinese have a respectful personality. They respect everything, including the god, ancestors, ghost, emperor and the seniors. Sometime, other races may say the Chinese having too much superstitious belief. But I think the Chinese trusted that the spirit remains whenever their ancestors passed away. And they believed if they respect to ghost and ancestors, it will pass a lots blessing to them. While, for the emperor and the seniors, loyalty is highly stressed in a traditional

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